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Optical Fiber Cable Terminal Box

The facility houses the company’s cable termination division, which is specialized in the design and termination of fiber optic and power cables and integration of small enclosures including fiber termination boxes. We have the capability to terminate any type of cable, but our primary focus has been on fiber and power cables for the wireless industry for fiber to the antenna applications. Our experienced engineering team can design a cable solution and manufacture it, to your unique specifications.pl12799485-2u_48_port_patch_panel_with_fc_sc_st_fiber_connectors_fiber_termination_panel

Every single fiber termination of each cable assembly is fully inspected and serialized so should issues arise, it is possible to track the assembly to the person who assembled it, the date and time. Quality reports are made and kept for every product for full traceability.

Post time: Jul-31-2019
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