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GYFH Central Micro Beam Tube 5G Optical Cable

With the rapid development of science and technology, people’s demand for life is getting higher and higher. However, it is also rapidly moving from 4G to 5G.

TTI has also followed the pace of The Times to develop new optical fiber products—GYFH 5G Optical Cable.


The 250 um optical fiber is sheathed in the micro beam tube made of LSZH material, and the multi strand aramid yarn which plays the role of strengthening is evenly distributed outside the beam tube, and finally the black LSZH sheath is extruded into the cable.


GYFH 5G Optical Cable Characteristics   

♦ Aramid yarn ensures good performance of tensile strength.

♦ good flexibility an resistance.

♦ Excellent mechanical and temperature performance.

♦ Before connecting the optical cable, there is no need to remove the grease and clean the optical fiber, so as to improve the installation efficiency and reduce the installation cost;

♦ The optical cable is light in weight, easy to lay and maintain, and low in construction cost;

♦ As no ointment is used, environmental pollution and human body damage are avoided;

♦ Nonmetal optical cable is effectively used in places with frequent lightning and interference current;

GYFH 5G Optical Cable Application

♦ Optical cable used for the introduction from outdoor to indoor in access network or user station network.

♦ It is used for building cabling in generic cabling.

♦ Especially suitable for high density connection of indoor communication room.

Post time: Jun-09-2020
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