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Fully Automatic Cable Cutter Machine

TTI Fiber company is a factory,The Newly Introduced Optical Fiber Equipment(Fully Automatic Cable Cutter) has many advantages and features:

    Fully automatic cable cutter is suitable for fiber optic cable cutting process. Customize the length of the cable, the number of cable cutters, cutters and the stop(for pigtail marking).

  1. Cable speed, cable speed 0-100% cab be adjusted at will(60% recommended),cable size can be adjusted freely.
  2. This device has the functions of no cable automatic alarm, automatic length tracking memory, total cable length function memory, pigtail cable cutting and code data.
  3. The equipment control system is controlled by intelligent PLC module. The original original pneumatic components have been reported to be exempt from customs inspection at any time. 

More Parameter Technical Data:

Voltage AC220-240V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power 1800W
Weight 125KG
Control way Touch screen
Cable cutting dia 2.0-12.0mm simplex or duplex optical cable
Cable cutting length 999mtr
Length tolerance 3
Cutting speed 3m/s
Cable discharge Automatic
Cable collecting way Double Wheel Linkage

Post time: Aug-19-2020
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