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2020 Year New Particularly Fiber Box Part 1

Pull Type 24 Port Optical Fiber Terminal Box


The Product Function of Optical Fiber Terminal BoxPull Type 24 Port, it has Multi-functions:

1–Introducing optical cable, leading out wiring pigtail, fixing and protecting optical cable, wiring pigtail and the performance of optical fiber therein from damage.

Protecting the optical cable terminal from environmental impact.Insulating the metal components of the optical cable from the shell of the optical cable terminal box and can be easily led out for grounding.


2–Provide the placement of optical cable terminals and the space for remaining optical fiber storage, and make the installation and operation convenient.


3–The box can be fixed with sufficient impact strength and has corresponding installation functions in different use occasions.

If necessary, it shall have the function of optical cable branch connection and functional requirements.

Unique Structural Design, this type of box has more features from TTI Fiber Factory:

● All property indexes are in accordance with National YD/T925—1997 Standard.

● The body make use of cold rolling steel sheet Strong adhesive force, artistic and durable.

● Overlapping fiber-melting tray and separate insulation earth unit make the disposition of the cores, expanding the capacity and cable-earthen flexible, convenient and safe.

● The guide rail is made of high-quality aluminum material, with integrated precision processing, which is more solid and durable.

● The cable inlet shall be designed with waterproof rubber plug to prevent the cable from being scratched by the cable inlet, and the cable can be dustproof and waterproof into the box.

Even It can be equipped with SC / FC / ST / LC single-mode 0.9mm bundle pigtail.




Post time: Aug-07-2020
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