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0.9mm Fiber Optic Cable Dedicated Cable Machine

The Newly Introduced Optical Fiber Equipment(0.9mm Fiber Optic Cable Dedicated Cable Machine) has many advantages and features from TTI Fiber Company Factory:

1. Automatic memory the cutting length. Electrical drivencutting knife. Cutting times is adjustable. Cutting length can be set.

2. Electric cable collecting device equipped. Dia., size, and qty can be adjusted. Fit for finished product packing. It can cut 12 colors cable at one time.

3. This machine is automatic with small size and long time of cutting knife.

More Parameter of Technical Data:

Voltage AC220-240V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power 300W©
Weight 25KG
Cable length 999 meters
Cable speed 1-9 files
Drive mode Stepping
Length Tolerance 3‰
Cable cutting specification 0.9mm various optical cables

Post time: Sep-01-2020
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