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Dome Heat Shrinkable Seal Fiber Optic Splice Closure

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Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Product name:Fiber Optic splice closure
Product Type:Dome type splice closure
Cable diameter:φ8mm~φ35mm
Cable port: 4/5/6/7/11 pieces
               Ribbon:up to 864(cores)
Material: PP,ABS
FOB Price:
US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
Min.Order Quantity:
1 Piece/Pieces
Supply Ability:
10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Payment Terms:

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Product Details



Dome Heat Shrinkable Seal Fiber Optic Splice Closure


Dome heat shrinkable seal fiber optic splice closure are acombination cable closure and splice organizer.The splicing joint is on the middle of splice tray. They combine mechanical seals and heat-shrinkable sleeves with hot-melt adhesives to environmentally seal fiber cable splice  points.It is designed for use with any cable construction(loose buffer tube,central core tube,loose fiber,and ribbon),in any environment(aerial,pedestal,buried,handhole,and manhole),and  for numerous splice applications(express,tap-off,branch, and repair).


♦ Easy to operate for maintenance, modification and expansion

♦ Prevent water ingress and damage from adverse conditions

♦ Suitable for a wide range of applications and environments, including overhead, pedestal, buried or underground

♦ Compatible with existing cable types


The closure can be used in duct, buried, overhead..etc
High quality impact material.pp and internal is ABS
Sealing way of cables:Heat Shrinkable Seal
♦ IP rating is IP68
♦ Temperature: -30℃- +60℃ Atmospheric Pressure:70-106Kpa
♦ Life Span:More than 20 years.

Dimension of inlets/outlets and the closure:  

Type Dimension
Capacity of FOSC Cable entry ports Diameter of cable Weight
MR001 435mm*190mm Bunchy:12-96(cores)
Ribbon:up to 288(cores)
4 or 5 pieces φ8mm-φ25mm 2.2 kg/pcs
MR002 460mm*205mm Bunchy:24-96(cores)
Ribbon:up to 288(cores)
5 pieces φ8mm-φ38mm 3.5 kg/pcs
MR003 455mm*235mm Bunchy:24-144(cores)
Ribbon:up to 432(cores)
5 pieces φ8mm-φ25mm 2.5 kg/pcs
MR004 455mm*220mm Bunchy:12-240(cores)
Ribbon:up to 360(cores)
7 pieces φ8mm-φ35mm 3.2 kg/pcs
MR005 490mm*220mm Bunchy:48-288(cores)
Ribbon:up to 864(cores)
5 pieces φ8mm-φ35mm 3.2 kg/pcs
MR006 299mm*187mm Bunchy:6-48(cores) 4 pieces φ8mm-φ25mm 1.7 kg/pcs
MR007 620mm*325mm Bunchy:12-960(cores) 11 pieces φ8mm-φ45mm 6.7 kg/pcs







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