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Factory Tour


Shenzhen Factory

TTI Shenzhen Factory is located on Bao'an District. It produces Fiber optic patch cord, PLC splitter, MPO products ect. Faced with major overseas markets: Europe, North America, South America... Main customers: Portugal Telecom, Spain Telecom, Gabon Telecom...


Shanghai Factory

TTI Shanghai Factory is located on Songjiang District. It produces FTTH products, such as fast connector, fiber cable. Faced with major domestic customers: China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile...


Production Line

As a factory, we have professional and complete equipment.

We also have strictly quality control system to ensure our products are with excellent performance and appearance.


Standard and customized OEM products from small to large quantity are welcome.

You can order any length, any combination, tailor-made products fit for your need.


We have strong R&D team to develop and improve your system and prepare for the future needs.

We could produce customized products according to your requirements.



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